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Re: [IP] Anyone Have A Formula For Setting Humalog Basal Rate ??

In the "pumping insulin" book, third edition, the Humalog formula is
1800 rule insted of the 1500 rule.
   As humalog is a much faster acting insulin, I don't think an increase
in dosage is needed by twice the amount of what your dose of reg is.  I
had my humalog on the same dose as the velosulin and even though YMMV, I
found I had to reduce my basals.
   There is, and a cheaper alternative is the $5.95 Pocket Pancreas
which the same publishers make...It has the section on Humalog.

Jenny S.

> Perhaps a Humalog  formula is mentioned in the new insulin pumping book
> called "Pumping Insulin" 3rd edition,
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