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RE: [IP] Anyone Have A Formula For Setting Humalog Basal Rate ??

Be careful when posting formulas on this list because some of use the metric
system and some of us don't.  The following formula has different meanings
if you are using weight in pounds or kilograms:

"is multiply the body weight by .7 and then divide that by 24, this will
give you the start point."

In pounds for me:  (165lb x .7)/ 24 = ~4.8
In kg for me:  (75kg x .7) / 24 = ~2.2

My actual basal rate runs between .3 and .6 , and my doctor thinks my daily
total from this and bolusing is too high for a type 1.  So where are you
getting this formula from and did you mistype it somehow?  Those numbers
just seem a little big.

-- Sherry
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