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[IP] Food Nazi Gene

I guess it is pentrant in my family. Went to lunch today at the New Ritz
Carlton in Philly, It's been open a week and needs a shakedown. After Lunch
I ordered coffee which was incredibly expensive. They don't have just a
coffee. they bring you French Press coffee which was great for my
pretentious sister. It came with a little disk of chocolate shavings which
my sister reached across to my place to take saying: "You cant eat those
they have sugar!" My wife sitting across from her put the chocolate back in
front of me and said he can too, he has an insulin pump. Formerly, my father
used to play that role but now he is trained also. I Guess it is a gene that
is yet to be unraveled by Dr. Ventor. I wonder what protein it encodes,
probably BB-1 "Bossy Bossy" PS if I ate the whole disk of shavings the carbs
would have been 30 mg.

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