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[IP] Re: editing

No, I could always click onto the addy, I was just curious as to what
A-HREF= meant. that's all, between all the Http, htmp Hypertext mail
protocol, and html, smtp and pop3 etc...I'm sitting here going "HUH?"
   I also got a letter about the change of addys, If the DSL comes
through as planned, I'll still be on Pacbell. If they don't hook it up
by tomorrow, then I will be changing addys.
   The person with the user name of cmplaza...are you in Costa Mesa? we
have the south coast plaza here and it sounds like a familier name to
   To the one who's son is getting frustrated about sweating the
dressing off, I use the Johnson & Johnson Paper tape as it doesn't
bother me at all re' sweat or swim. I do swim, and lift weights, as well
as live in sunny, HOT southern CA, so after 7 years, I've had my fair
share of the dressing brigade..LOL.
   I really like it here, as a lot of the other lists are geared
specifically to type 2s so I feel a lot more empathy here.  Thank you
for all the tolorance to a fledgling's 'puter questions.
Jenny S.
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