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[IP] Long term diabetics on the pump

Walt writes:
<  After 45 years of injections I have reservations
 about the use of a pump.  I do realize that improvements have been made and
 that it is a good opportunity to update my knowledge on the use of insulin
 pumps.  I currently take 3 injections per day and occasionally as many as 4
 injections.  I check my blood glucose 6 to 12 times per day.  I would
 appreciate hearing especially from any long term IDDM individuals who can
 supply information on the good and bad of using a pump.  I am a Cherokee/
 Creek Indian mix and the only person in my family with IDDM.  I live
 outside of Austin, Texas. >>
I have only been on injections for 37 years, the last several of which I was
on 5 a day. I had all kinds of complications
and was tired of going low at least once a day. I went on the pump 7 months
ago and so, I'm a novice pumper. My control has
been better, My A1c Hgb went from 17 to 6.1 after the first three months. I
am spilling less protein in my urine and the only down side has been my
retinopathy which had progressed. I check my bG's about 7 times a day and
use Sils for infusion sets. I also mix Velosulin and regular to make my
sites last four days instead of three. I am of Easter European extraction
(Russian) and my dad who is 95 has type 2 diabetes. My cousin lives in
Houston and is  also Type 1 We are the only two Type 1's in the family.

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