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[IP] Oh no! My shot!

This morning, I was getting ready to go to church when
I had the sudden feeling "Now don't forget to give
your shot!" I was half way to the bathroom (where I
used to keep my shot stuff) when I remembered "Duh!  I
have a pump!"  Which was followed by "Good grief old
habits die hard!"  I've been pumping for 15 months
now.  The first few months, I had those thoughts a lot
(it got to the point, my close friends would see panic
go across my face and say "pump" or reach and tap my
pump).  I got to thinking, if there ever is a cure, it
will take a LONG time for me to not think "Oh no! 
Where's Jude?  I haven't tested my bg in a long time
either!"  So here is to the day that I and many other
people will happily engage in mini-panic attacked that
we haven't done our diabetes care that day!


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