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[IP] Syrup sharks

  The shark analogy was apt. They even flipped you a fin as they swam off.
   I'm waiting to see if the human genome researchers managed to identify
the gene that turns so many people into food Gestapo. It's a widespread
tendency. I'm not even sure I'm exempt. The gene manifests itself
in many flavors: vegetarians who attempt to inflict guilt on the
meat-eating; the "natural" people who gag if you mention eating Doritos or
pouring  cow's milk on your Lucky Charms; the non-diabetics who feel it's
their job to save us from sugar and sweets; and some diabetics and relatives
of diabetics who want to save us from eating low- or no- fat/sugar products.
In the last case, they may just assume everyone but they are too simple
minded to have figured out how to read a food label. (thanks anyway. I have
long known that "no sugar" does not mean "no carbohydrate.")
     If it's any consolation, I don't think there's anything wrong with you
that you eat lite syrup and save some carbs that way. Personally, I and my
husband use the sugar free stuff because we like it better than the other
and because I save even more carbs on my  typically huge Sunday morning
breakfast of homemade fruit pancakes. Otherwise that 76 carb breakfast would
become a 116 carb breakfast. (ooooo! I can hear those keyboards revving up
to denounce my food heresy) The point to keep in mind (Me, Sheila, food
Nazis and everyone) is nobody commenting here accompanies us to the grocery
store nor do they have any power to change our taste buds.
    Having said this, I do have some food advice. Everyone who finds the
taste of lite or sugar-free syrup
is comparable to motor oil, slurry or essence of mud puddle, I recommend you
not buy it and instead find something else as a pancake topper. I really
don't care what.
  Sheila, eat whats ya likes and likes whats ya eats and remember: Shark
hunters find all sorts of garbage in shark stomachs. (rewatch "Jaws" if you
don't know what I mean.)


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