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Re: [IP] Pumping and Surgery

"Normal"? I've never been 'normal', LOL! but they paid me to leave after
my surgery on my eye :-). I am legally blind from premature birth, and
they had to stop some massive glucoma, but the anasthesiologist was top
notch and I was awake and ready to go home and make dinner after the
surgery, my dad took me out to eat though,
   What is the packet? Istructions and such? at least you can get a
driver to bring you hime, and I'd call on someone to check on you at the
hospital anyway...It's a pain to be on your own, and now that dad's too
old to be a taxi service, I have to rely on taxis and or access services
here in OC. We have the 'medical transport' service too from the
insurance, so you might wantto call them on Monday morning...the
hospital should know about patient services like that.
   I may not be able to come out there, but my thights are with you and
hope you can get the help you need.

Jenny S.
Thomas wrote;

 although they usually let "normal" people go home the same day.
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