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[IP] bail bonds R us

Jenny writes  
>  NOPE! Sara, that does it--you've inspired me! 

my work here is done...

> To heck with public decency! I'm gonna go swimming, and if I have to 
>  violate a few laws to disconnect without hitting a bathroom, 

now, my question is, just HOW HIGH IS YOUR SITE???  if it is closer to the 
top of your suit, it might be more decent to go down the top with your hand...

As wtih testing your blood at dinner...you don't need to make a production 
number about it...

>  maybe contribute to the "Bail Out Jenny N." fund if I get arrested 

you betcha...michael wont mind if i send the check to you instead of 
him...but I will come protest in front of the jail first...hand up or down my 
attire in support

>  Jenny (who hears the echoes of the suffragettes ringing in her ears)


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