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[IP] ladylike

Jenny wrote:
> My guess is that Sara wears a MiniMed, so she needs (or wants) to 
>  disconnect when swimming. 

yup...when I go in the water I dont wanna have to worry about no $5,000 piece 
of equipment, let alone having to worry about it stretch out my already 
stretched out bathing suit and creating any extra drag when i do what passes 
for swimming...

>In any case, I'd say she wins the title of 
>  "Ms. Most Unselfconscious" about her pump with her 
>  sticking-her-hand-up-her-suit antics. :-)

thank you...thank you....I accept the tiara with pride, being the "queen" 
that I am.

Now I want you ALL to know, that if my underwear was bunced  up under my 
skirt, i WOULD NOT dig that out!!!  There are limits to my 
unselfconsciousness....Dr. POnder likens the pump to a dog, I tend to think 
of it as my third arm...I just have to do what I need to do for my third 
arm...can't clip it's fingernails, though I have considered painting it with 
purple nail polish...

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