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[IP] bonding

Steve's mom wrote
>  I am always inspired by these kids - by how matter of fact they 
> are with their diabetes and with their self care, how they relate to 
> each other, how three kids from different places and different ages 
> can "bond" so easily over blood glucose meters and insulin pumps!  

it doesnt just apply to kids!  I think I have met some of the most amazing 
"adults" on this list...I think I am safe to say that if I get along with 
someone in writing, and you can accept my "online" personality (and vice 
versa), and if you look at your diabetes in the same way as I do, or accept 
me the way I am even if my way is different, then we will have a great time 
when we get together...

Sara who loves IP and is sending another check to Michael when she gets back 
to NYC, since the alternator was ONLY $150 plus labor instead of the expected 
$500 for something more serious
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