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[IP] Re: Sharon... best time today!

Sharon wrote:

<We had the best day today!...One of the girls commented that it was so
cool to not be the only one testing before eating...All LOVE their pumps!
...I think how devastated we were when Steve was diagnosed 9 years ago, and
then I think about how many wonderful people we have met since that time
and how far we've come...>

Hi Sharon and all--

We had a similar experience in our home last week--Josh came home from Camp
Hope on Casper Mountain with four of his camp friends.  As they settled in
for snacks or meals, the sound of various meters and pumps beeping filled
the house!  We were all laughing about how hard it was to recognize our own
bells, whistles, and beeps in the crowd!  <LOL>  

As someone who grew up with D, and not knowing ANYONE else with it, I was
thrilled to see their friendship.  Since I now have over 2000 friends to
talk to on THIS list, I have learned the value of sharing with people who
have "been there, done that."  ALL of you on this list are great--I love
hearing your experiences and your thoughts (on life, the universe, and

:-)  Doreen in Wyoming  (Not posting often this summer, but still enjoying
the discussions!)


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