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[IP] Viet Nam Vet Pumpers?

This may seem way off topic (chastisement, here I come!), but if there are
any Viet Nam Vets on the list, I wanted to let you know about something.
No, I'm not a vet myself (being pre-school age during that particular slice
of our history, I have me doubts as to whether I'd have been considered
recruitable!), but I had the pleasure of spending some serious quality time
this past week with a trio you might remember.

A singing, guitar-playing group of girls (two sisters & a close friend) from
our local area, known as The Hilltop Singers, were featured in the USO tours
during Viet Nam...they spent several years travelling to wherever the
soldiers were, playing sixties-style folk music & doing what they could to
offer support to our troops far from home.  Well, the Viet Nam Helicopter
Pilots Association is having a big reunion convention in Washington D.C.
over this weekend & leading of course into the Fourth of July
celebration/parade/etc.  The girls were invited to attend & be the featured
entertainment for the event, ride a float in the parade, etc....so they all
came back home from different parts of the country to reunite, record a
reunion album, & prep to go perform for those who helped them travel all
over the world thirty years ago.

Since the "sisters" part of the trio are my best friend's aunts, & my
husband is the local computer whiz who gets called to trouble-shoot during
any nearby techno-emergencies, he ended up being called in to help out with
the getting a recalcitrant computer to burn the CD's needed, & then to work
out the layout & copying of the CD covers.  We ended up hosting a 48-hour
marathon (very little sleep involved here) of CD production/rehearsal time.
Since he plays guitar & we sing for various functions as well, parts of it
turned into an all-night jam session that was really fun...exhausting, but
not something I'd have wanted to miss!

At any rate, if you are in the D.C. area & you were part of that action/era,
keep an eye out for them.  I think that the float they are riding is
sponsored by their current home states (Florida, Tennessee, & Oklahoma), &
they have a booth set up somewhere among the festivities as well.

No, this isn't an advertisement (paid or otherwise!)...explaining my pump to
them (one is now a nurse, & was very excited about the opportunity to see it
& ask questions) & talking about the list led them to wonder if they'd be
seeing any insulin pumpers while they were there.  I told them I wouldn't be
the least bit surprized...WE ARE EVERYWHERE!!!  :)

Have a Wonderful 4th!

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