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Re: [IP] Need to know the name of the things to keep insulin cool


I've used a product made by a company called "Frio". Frio Cooling Products 
is in Pembrokeshire, U.K. They make a variety of cooling products in 
different sizes, styles.

The product I use is approximately 3" x 7.25" when closed. It will hold two 
Disetronic cartridges, or two bottles of insulin, or a combination of 
these. You place the Frio in cool water for several minutes, and the 
material inside "expands". The cover is designed to breathe, helping keep 
the insulin cool. This same product can also be used to keep things warm, 
but I don't want to do this with my insulin.

I discovered if I place the cooling "sleeve" in a dish with ice water for 
several minutes before using it, rather than just using cool tap water, the 
Frio will keep my insulin cool for up to one week when I leave it sitting 
on a desk or table (such as in a hotel room when traveling). I haven't 
tested the inside temperature to measure exactly, so like all experiments, 
proceed with caution until you're certain.

In retrospect, I might have chosen one of the larger size cooling 
"wallets", it to carry my entire pump when outside in extremely hot weather.

I ordered the product over the Internet some time ago. I think this link is 
still valid:  http://www.friouk.com/

Bob Burnett
mailto:email @ redacted

Tammy wrote:

>Hi , I have seen somewhere on the list someone was talking about how
>they keep their insulin cool when they go on trips. I believe it started
>with a f I can not remember what it was called. I'm going on a trip on a
>motorcycle and need something to put my insulin in that keeps it cold
>for a longer period of time.
>                                   Thanks you,Tammy

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