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Re: [IP] ladylike

At 1:49 AM -0400 7/2/00, email @ redacted wrote:
>I Have to step in at this time about pumps on swim suits.  I swim and dive
>every day.  I am always in the water.  I live on the beach and am also on
>boats a good deal.  I wear a bikini and just clip my disotronic pump on the
>band of the bottoms of my suit.  Nobody things anything but great for you


>uncomfortable thinds at all.  Go for it.  Didn't mean to preach but I am
>happy with my pump and so is everybody that knows me or meests me by asking
>what it is.  I sure don't flaunt it and put it out of sight when I can but
>when I can't it is there for the world to see.


I wear my pump proudly too, it's always in plain sight. When I go 
swimming, it's on a sports belt in a neoprene case with the tubing 
snaking into my bathing suit. However, the point of the thread, and 
Sara's post, is that I can't take my D. pump into the water because 
it has a crack in the case, as does my other pump.

My guess is that Sara wears a MiniMed, so she needs (or wants) to 
disconnect when swimming. In any case, I'd say she wins the title of 
"Ms. Most Unselfconscious" about her pump with her 
sticking-her-hand-up-her-suit antics. :-)

Jenny N.

Jenny Nash
email @ redacted
Type 1 diabetes since 1/31/73, pumping on a D. since 10/3/95.
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