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Re: [IP] ladylike

I Have to step in at this time about pumps on swim suits.  I swim and dive 
every day.  I am always in the water.  I live on the beach and am also on 
boats a good deal.  I wear a bikini and just clip my disotronic pump on the 
band of the bottoms of my suit.  Nobody things anything but great for you 
that you have this.  I am a teacher and at times I take my students, high 
school students to a water park or canoeing or some other type of water 
activity.  At times like this I wear a one piece and wear short exercise 
shorts over them and just clip my pump to the waistband.  My students all 
know I wear pump and think nothing of it but great..Go Girl.  I really 
believe that we must quit hiding this disease.  When we let the world know 
that we have it and are normal functioning people I truly believe they will 
understand the disease better.  I have been diabetic for 17 years, have 3 
children, single mother and I refuse to let this disease stop me from 
anything!!!  I scuba dive weekly and love it and have no trouble.  I carry a 
tube of icing in my BC in case I have a low while diving and I have never had 
to use it but for safety reasons I do carry it because there can always be 
the first time.  This pump gives us a lot of freedom.  Take advantage of it 
and don't hide it.  I wear all kinds of sundresses and just put it in a 
strapless bra that looks and feels lie a tube top.  Not one of those 
uncomfortable thinds at all.  Go for it.  Didn't mean to preach but I am 
happy with my pump and so is everybody that knows me or meests me by asking 
what it is.  I sure don't flaunt it and put it out of sight when I can but 
when I can't it is there for the world to see.

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