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[IP] A positive experience

We had the best day today!  Steve (my 14 year old pumper) has been
corrresponding with a young lady with diabetes from Iowa for about 4 years now.
He also has become friends with another girl from our town who has diabetes.
Both girls are at Clara Barton Camp in Massachusetts as junior counselors for
the summer.  Both of them are pumpers. We went to the camp today and took all
three of them out to a nearby mall for some shopping and for lunch.

Before lunch came, they all took out meters and tested; then as lunch was
delivered they "synchronized their pumps" and went about their business of
devouring every morsel of food on their plates!  One of the girls commented that
it was so cool to not be the only one testing before eating. They compared pumps
- one has a Disetronic, one has a MM508, one has a MM507C.  All LOVE their

I am always inspired by these kids - by how matter of fact they are with their
diabetes and with their self care, how they relate to each other, how three kids
from different places and different ages can "bond" so easily over blood glucose
meters and insulin pumps!  I think how devastated we were when Steve was
diagnosed 9 years ago, and then I think about how many wonderful people we have
met since that time and how far we've come.

Mom to Steven, age 14, pumping ALMOST one year!

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