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[IP] high bg's in the night.

> Oh yes, That is the story I wanted to hear!  
> Anyway, this stupid injecting with NPH and H isn't working at home -
> so something has got to be better!  Last night he went to bed with a
> 240 @ 9pm -- took 1/2 unit less of NPH due to the fact he frequently
> is in the 50's - 60's at dawn -- rechecked at 12:30 am and he was
> 435 -- at 7 am he was 58!  

Some kids go very high when their head hits the pillow because of 
growth hormone kicking in when they go to sleep. With my daughter, we 
compensated for this by setting a high temp basal rate on her pump 
for a few hours when she goes to bed. 

I have a suggestion, but you should talk to your doctor about this 
before trying it. 

Profile your son's bg's every hour for the 3 hours or so after he 
goes to bed. If you see the hugh initial spike, you might try a 
matching dose of humalog when he goes a little while before he goes 
to sleep. This will offset the bg rise caused by the hormone change 
and actually allow him to grow better. 

Please don't try this on your own, and remember that this is what has 
worked for my child and a some others on the list who use pumps.

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