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Re: [IP] Basketball players and Soft-sets coming out (long)

Justin wrote:
'Is there anyone that plays basketball that has had problems
pulling the sof-set out?  Any ideas on how to fix the problem?'

This works for me better than the way they showed us when I started pumping.
I don't play basketball, but I do work out 40-50 min every day (sweating a
lot) and take a shower.  This process makes it last through 3 days of this,
and I have to change my site then anyway.

I think the loop step (which I know lots of people don't need to do) is
_critical_.  As I move around, so does the pump, and the loop provides
resistance to the tug that doesn't encourage the site to come out.  If the
loop comes out, I just make it again and put another piece of tape over the
top.  It also works better for me if the tube coming out of the cannula
comes out to the side (and therefore, the loop is on one side or the other)
than having it come out at the top or bottom of the soft-set.

Anyway, here's what I do:

1)  Use IV Prep and let it dry to tacky
2)  Put the bumpy, crocodile-looking tape with the hole in it on top of the
IV Prep
3)  Insert the Soft-Set through the hole
4)  Put the smooth tape with the hole in it over the Soft-set
5)  Smooth everything out
6)  Take out the 'push-pin' needle part and prime for the cannula
7)  Use the non-holed IV 3000 tape to secure the safety loop.

When I do it, it goes over the loop and the first part (closest to the site)
of the Quick Connector.  Usually, I use a whole piece of IV3000, so it
overlaps one side of the tape actually holding down the site, but not over
the button-looking part that is the top of canula.  I tried having it go
over the actual site, but I couldn't see if there was anything weird going
on with the site -- the tape made it too cloudy to see blood, bruising, etc.
that might be happening.
-----------------|----                                          |
|                     |    |           ====         IV         |
|                     |    |          ||        ||     3000       |
|           O===|===========||                      |
|   2 layers    |     |          ||                               |
|  holes         |     |          ======[Connector]|[Connector]
-----------------|-----                                           |

I hope this makes it more clear.  If not, ignore it.  I can't draw with a
pencil either :)

Sorry this is so long.  Hope it helps with the basketball.

Kathy Trondsen

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