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Re: [IP] Think I'll do emails...

<part of original post>
<As a relatively new computer geeklet, I'm unsure as to how I can edit
lines and such. I think I would like to go to emails and just get the
bunch of mail through the day....You all are neat, glad to be here.>

Hi Jenny,

We're glad you're here too!

You may find that getting each email is too much (many folks do, and
then unsubscribe from the list). I personally much prefer the digest
version, where I get three or four "bunches" of emails together. The
disadvantages of the digest are 1) sometimes I will respond to something
when someone else has already answered the same question--since I get
the digest later than the individual email; and 2) it is a bit harder to
reply to one person using the digest. But since I can't take all the
emails, I use the digest, live with problem #1, and solve problem #2
this way (using a PC and Windows environment):
1) I use the mouse to highlight the email address of the person to whom
I wish to respond
(in this case, you! Jennifer Sutherland <email @ redacted>). Then I
press CTRL-C to copy it.

2) I then click "New message" It is important to use "New Message"
rather than hit the "Reply" button because "reply" will automatically
have the whole digest as the subject line, and (unless you change it)
quote the whole digest first. This can be a disaster! Others may prefer
to use "reply" but then you have to change the subject line and get rid
of lots of stuff that you aren't quoting.

3) Then I click on the "to" line and hit CTRL-V to move the person's
name there.

4) Then if I want to post the response to the whole list in addition to
you, I click on the "address book" and select "insulin pumpers" (whose
address I've already entered into my permanent address
book--<email @ redacted>).

5) Then I go back to your original message, highlight the subject with
my mouse, and press CTRL-C to copy it and a CTRL-V to move it to my new
message subject line . I add an "Re:" to the front.

6) I then use the same CTRL-C technique to cut and paste whatever part
of the original message I wish to quote. I usually indicate quoted
material as above, by using angle brackets, and the words <part of
original post> or some such thing.

7) Then I type in my response below that.

8) Finally, I use the options button on my browser to make sure to send
it in plain text format only, because that works best for this list.
That's the step I sometimes forget (!).

Sorry to bore the rest of you with this, but as a "newbie" myself a few
months ago, I had to figure it out. For me, the digest is more
overwhelming than all the emails (I already get over 50 a day NOT from
this group!)

Hope this helps, Jenny.

Todd (diabetic for 35 years, pumping since January)

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