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Re: [IP] I'm So Mad at Disetronic!

Yes, unfortunately I too cracked a case as I tightened the batteries too
tightly. What I did though is --sounds silly, stick a piece of
waterproof tape over the two battery compartments...Put your new batts
in, tighten a bit, and put a bit of the tape over the comparments. You
should be allright doing this, and I'm so sorry you had trouble with the
tech. What district are you in? I think it should be drawn attention to
and the issue of the way the tech treated you seems alien to me.
  The cracking is the result of a) tightening the batteries too much and
sometimes b) putting the batteries a bit crooked and twisting them in
unevenly. There are "O" rings on each battery and as long as it's
tightened flush with the top of the case this shouldn't happen again.
  I also use a one piece suit, and you can also get a onezip baggie, put
your pump into the baggie, and fold it over (zipped as much as you can
without compromising the infusion set), Tuck it into your suit and at
least have an hour of a swim, check it to make sure the bag doesn't fill
with a ton of water, but when I did it, it worked very well.
  Good luck, and do take this up with the headquarters. If you know your
territory manager, he or she is the first to contact and Patric De Haas
is also a good one to write to as he is the president of the USA branch.

Jenny S.
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