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[IP] I'm So Mad at Disetronic!

Hi all,

I'm so aggravated right now, I could scream. I went swimming a week 
ago and got an 07 alarm about 20 minutes after getting out of the 
water. I took out the batteries and did what I've been told to do, 
and it cleared up. However, I got 2 more 07s later that afternoon. I 
looked carefully and can see a crack in the 3 battery chamber. So I 
called D., and they say to send it in.

Then today, I got an 03 alarm on my back-up pump, get a new battery, 
put it in, tighten it, and hear a slight crack. I look, and, sure 
enough, there is a crack in *this* pump's 03 chamber as well! I don't 
know if tightening the battery caused it or just brought it to light. 
Either way, I know I can't go in the water with it--and we're LEAVING 
ON VACATION on Tuesday! Argh!

So I call D. and the answering service woman says she can page a tech 
person. I decide, well, okay, I better confirm that I can't go 
swimming (the bad news isn't sinking in easily). The D. tech person 
calls back, I explain what's happened,then she says to me, "Is there 
a question for me in all this?" She says, no, this pump can't be 
taken in water.

Well, okay, I guess that was my question, but it seems like she might 
have been a little nicer about it. I have two of their pumps with 
cracked cases--and I always use the hard protective case that clips 
on my belt, so WHY are they broken? If me tightening the battery can 
crack a case, that's not quality.

Am I wrong to be so aggravated? I might as well have a MiniMed if I 
can't use the darn pump in water. I guess I'm mad because I feel let 
down, these pumps shouldn't both be broken. If I'd been dropping them 
or something, that would be different.

Sorry to whine and vent. Anyone have suggestions? I have a MM blue 
sports case with a zipper. Is that the one that's supposed to be 
waterproof? I guess I could disconnect, although I wear a one-piece 
suit and sticking my hand up my bathing suit leg hunting for the 
tender isn't my idea of ladylike behavior. :-)

Any suggestions, hints, or calming/relaxing suggestions would be 
appreciated. :-)

Jenny Nash
Freelance Writer and Editor
email @ redacted
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