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[IP] my thoughts on Dr Ponder's analogy

After reading all the threads and everyone's opinions about Dr. Ponder's
comments, I now wish to give my own humble opinion, to which I and every
human on earth is entitled to:
After seeing what Dr Ponder writes, in his response to the list's
never-ending ummmm complaints/vibes  I guess is a good word, I think maybe
that we need to look at this from Dr's point of view:  if you had an 8 or 7
or  9 year old child, and wanted him/her to understand what it IS like
having a pump attached, I too would possibly use a dog/leash as an example,
which is exactly what Dr Ponder did.  I think  and believe that when you
speak to a child, you must teach as a child will understand, and not use
adult terminology etc.  It just doesn't work!  Unless the child is a member
of MENSA or something, they must be taught to understand in their own terms.
If you all want to blast me now, go for it, I have a bg of 40 and I am ready
for anything! (well, almost anything, but mostly a chocolate bar!)
Lori A. Willey
First Express Inc.
email @ redacted

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