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[IP] New infusion sets

Hi Everyone,
    I'm a little behind on reading my digest because I was gone for a week. I got
back on Thurs just in time to attend our first Pumpers Support Group Meeting.  We had
our area rep from Minimed there.  She talked alot about Continuous Glucose
Monitoring. She estmated that it should be part of the pump in about 2 years.  She
also said prefilled insulin syringes have been submitted to the FDA for approval but,
not sure how long that will take.  Lilly has created a new insulin specifically for
this purpose.  It is very much like Humalog but designed for the prefilled syringe.
    She also brought a sample of the newest infusion sets.  They are flatter like the
Sil but round, a little bigger that a 1/2 dollar. A little less than 2" across.  They
have a special inserter of their own.  It is also round ( a little bigger than the
set) and flat (maybe 1"  thick). The disconnect is right on the set.  The one she had
was broken from everyone looking at it so, I couldn't tell how easy it was to
disconnect. ( I think the Sil is difficult to disconnect.) I beleive she said the
infusion needle will automatically come out with the inserter but - that may have
been something yet in the works.
    It was fun to meet with almost 30 other pumpers.  Most of us had been pumping
less than a year. The most experienced pumpers had been doing it for 8 years. A
pumper friend and I had suggested it to our CDE and she got it started. Now we're in
charge of continuing.  We did a survey to check on interest levels.  The Minimed rep
said to let her know if we needed money for mailings or other costs and she would
help out.  Minimed paid for all of us to eat at the hospital cafeteria.

Keep on pumping,

Dx 1965 - pumping 2 months

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