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Re: [IP] Re: set sites

  I use the sils on my outer thighs, approximately halfway between the hip 
and knee, and I have my best absorption at that site.  I insert it with the 
tip pointing towards my knee and a little towards the front , kind of at a 30 
degree angle to the long bone and about a 20 degree insertion angle.  I keep 
it about an inch in front of the seam of my slacks/jeans, and use the longer 
lengths of tubing. I am careful to avoid the quads area. I have never had any 
discomfort with this site, and I use both legs this way. this site gives me 
about 6 actual sites on each leg, added to my hips and abdomen, I have 
approximately 26 actual sites, and change every 2 or 3 days, and can give 
each site a good long time in between uses to heal.

Hope this helps

aka Mouse
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