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[IP] Re: set sites

What do you use for the side of the legs?  I have had
some luck with using SILs on the legs but I am not
sure that it is best to use them there?


I use different infusion sets for different sites:
"Rapids" for my 
upper hip,
"Classic w/ wings (Butterfly?)" for the upper stomach
region or 
'midriff' and the
"Sillhouettes" for the side of the hip or abdomen
   If you have all the body fat of a greyhound=none,
the teeny 6mm 
rapid is good
for you skinnies. I've the Viking build with a lot of
muscle and yes, a 
bit of
adipose tissue...LOL.
Jenny S.

email @ redacted wrote:

> for some reason, i can only use my abdomen.  it's
rather scarred up 
and seems
> tired, but when i put the sil in my hip, it gets
jostled around a lot 
and i
> feel uncomfortable ( i can feel it, while i cannot
feel it in my 
abs).  also,
> i find it very hard to disconnect when it's "back
there" on my hip; 
it's so
> much harder to see.
> just my experience!
> any ideas?
> Janine

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