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Re: [IP] pumping for surgery

In a message dated 7/1/00 1:00:06 AM Eastern Daylight Time, email @ redacted 

<< Do not be scared.  Take charge.  tell your endo what you want him to put 
 the letter.  Do not be afraid to speak up.  We have rights as patients to 
 make sure our health is NOT compromised! >>
Sara (SP):
     This should be emblazoned everywhere!! Can't be repeated often 
enough....all I'm hearing lately are more & more "horror stories", from even 
the best docs' offices. Incompetence is quickly becoming the accepted "norm" 
- not so much from the harried docs, but from lackadaisical staff. DO NOT...I 
repeat..DO NOT..."assume" things are being done correctly. My "dual advocacy" 
work in both the diabetes & breast cancer communities has eroded my faith in 
the "system", since it's not the same old "system" it used to be! Yesterday I 
received a 3 page fax of someone's lab work (complete stranger, as was the 
doc's office). Called the office to tell them the designated recipient never 
got the fax. I was greeted by EIGHT voice mail prompts for everything BUT 
"press #1 if your newspaper didn't arrive today"! I decided to press #2 which 
was "if you're a doctor wishing to speak to one of our doctors", figuring 
that one at least would get me to a real person. Would you believe what I got 
instead was a message saying" please leave a message..someone at the front 
desk will return your call within FOUR HOURS!"...Needless to say I left QUITE 
a message, and hung up shaking my head in dismay, especially since the 
patient's lab tests were mostly out of range!! GRRRRRRRRR.......

Regards, Renee (Melissa's pump-mom, who needs to get a larger soapbox)
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