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Re: [IP] Re: Dr. Ponder unleashes Spate of Barking

    If I were still a high school teacher, I'd award you an A+ for that 
articulate & insightful comparison of dog vs. man's best friend analogies. 
Suffice it to say that Dr. Ponder has exonerated himself very well in his 
reply that Ginny posted. He is obviously a compassionate & committed 
physician who has raised a far more serious issue than one's literary merit 
in proffering analogies- i.e. the dearth of follow-up monitoring, guidance, 
etc once one has been "launched" into Pumpland. Melissa started seeing her 
CDE right after she began pumping in March '96 & saw him monthly for the 
first 2 years. I thought she'd have been "done" by then, but she never failed 
to leave an appt. without some extra insight or suggestion. She still sees 
him periodically & together they created a Teen support group in suburban 
Philadelphia. When I consider what her "pump learning curve" would have been 
without Gary's help, I know it would have been far more erratic.
    So I guess it's time to "let sleeping dogs lie" (sorry -couldn't resist) 
& devote our collective wisdom & energy into addressing what is evolving into 
a critical issue of ill-informed new pumpers being "cut loose", free-floating 
in a very unexplored universe ( until they navigate their way to IP that 
is!!) Maybe we need to have the 3 pump companies include a mention of IP in 
with every new pump delivered!!!

Regards, Renee ( Melissa's pump mom)
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