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Re: [IP] Eating

Sam! wrote:

>>I suspect it is my eating.  If I measure everything I seem to do
ok.  When I go out or whatever I have a really hard time guesstamating the
carbs. <<


One area of eating out that I discovered was a problem for me was
underestimating things such as baked potatoes.  My dietitian told me that
15g of carb in a baked potato was about the size of my fist.  While maybe
this is true, but I think my fist may be a little larger than the norm since
that comparison never worked for me.  What I did was to take things such as
potatoes and dinner rolls, etc at home and weigh them.  It was a real
eye-opener to discover that an average baked potato in a restaurant is about
45-51 grams of carb!  Once I worked that out, eating out works much better
for me, unless I get something like onion rings.  For those I usually figure
about 10-15 grams of carb and hope for the best.  :o)  But try weighing
comparable things at home, it helps to get a real picture in your mind of
the way things are.  I also check my bg after every meal to make sure I
figured the carbs correctly, and I can adjust if not.  Hope this helps.

RoseLea and Max...

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