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[IP] carb insulin vs cal insulin ratios

1.  insulin bolus is mostly driven by the amount of carbs in your meal.

2.  however, the release of the carbs from the gut into the blood is affected 
by many factors like:
    gastroparesis - slowed stomach emptying time (a form of neuropathy)
      fats in the diet - delays emptying of the stomach
      fiber in the diet - slows the emptying of the stomach
      consistency of the foods - liquids especially those low in fat and 
protein - usually are emptied sooner from the stomach and absorbed faster 
from the gut

3.  to complicate matters, when you have a carb free meal, you may trigger 
the release of sugars stored in the liver (that's how come people without 
diabetes do not have low blood sugars even though they don't eat for long 
periods of time ..12 or more hours).. adds to the problem of interpreting 
success with cal:insulin ratios

you must have a fairly consistent carb to calorie ratio and a fairly 
consistent fat to cal ratio .. allowing you to find success with  a 
calorie:insulin ratio approach.  so long as it works.. and you meet your a1c 
goal ..
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