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Re: [IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V3 #332

Frank Kolakowski wrote:
> 1) I am slightly hypo-unaware. I sense it most of the time, but if I am
> busy, having too much fun, or under a lot of stress I miss the cues, and can
> go pretty low. How much might this affect my choice to be on the pump? Does
> this influence the basals?

I have hypo-unawareness and have a bg target of 100-130 to provide a
small safety "cushion".  Many have increased hypo awareness by raising
targets.  I have lots less hypos on the pump and I catch them much

> 3) My insurance/CDE/doctor want me to get a minimed. I have read some of the
> differences between the pumps and aside from the waterproof/resistant
> issues, the differences don't seem to be major. Are their important
> differences in what kind of control you achieve or in ease of use?

I personally believe the choice should be left to the patient but not
every gets that choice.  When I was making the decision last August, it
was clear that both pumps are great, I choose Disetronic because it was
the better choice for me.  The major differences are Mini-Med has the
square-wave and dual-wave bolus options, disetronic is waterproof and
gives you 2 pumps.


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