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[IP] preparing for camp

Here Starting Monday I am going to Be helping a local Club put on a camp 
for local diabetic kids.  It just so happens the first camp I went to was 
hosted by this group (only about 8 kids). I am hoping to change how they 
run things some for example back when I went about 6 years ago we went for 
a hike only to stop and test our BG after every half mile or less  That 
really annoyed me ha ha  that is one thing i am going to change.  Another 
thing is to try and stop them at looking at the kids different which i know 
they don't do it on purpose.

Seeing that i am the only diabetic that is not a camper going.

I was asked to help gather stuff and what ever i could get my hands on for 
the camp unfortunaly they asked me about 2 weeks ago.  got some stuff but 
not as much as I could if i had more time and some info.  I tried to get 
some free insulin BUT when i called the person that is the head of setting 
it up he did not even know what the kids were on   AHHHH.....  oh 
well  stuff to look for next year.

Oh ya  I also found out Thursday that i am suppose to teach about the pump 
and other stuff.    Boy you have to love SHORT NOTICE.   8)

Brian Carter
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