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Re: [IP] What Color is Your Pump?

Susan K,
I am 40, a CPA (who definitely is not a boring bean counter), and am a den 
mother.  Recently I upgraded to the 507c Minimed Pump.  I remember the lady 
from Minimed asking me what pump I wanted, the blue, the tan or the black 
pump.  I told her that I did not know but explained to her my personality 
with the automobile I drive.  Told her that last year I got rid of my "Mom 
Mobile" a blue minivan and bought a small red car with a sun roof.  She said 
"Well you need the blue one!"  I really like the color and am quite pleased 
with the help she also gave me with picking out quick release soft sets and 
IV prep.  I think I have been asleep for four to five years because these two 
technologies has really helped me with my use of the pump.  I've been on a 
pump for almost fifteen years.  First one was a Travenol black pump that I 
used dilutant from Nordisk to make the U100 insulin U36.  The second was a 
CPI Lilly Betatron Pump and the last two were Minimeds.  The Blue Pump is my 
fifth pump and I do love the color.
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