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[IP] Re: returning home from camp

Peter, 10-year-old pumper, returned safely from camp but fell asleep
before we hit the first mile marker on the highway. <vbg> He was glad to
have gone, and I am grateful that so many people go out of their way to
give these kids a fun week at camp. However, he went from testing 8
times a day to testing 4 times a day. He went from one snack a day to
three and didn't bolus for snack because he didn't see anyone else doing
it. No one recorded how much insulin he gave himself for meals and
didn't always record his blood sugar values, so I don't have a real
handle on how his control was at camp. This bugs me. However, Peter had
a big time and is already planning for next year's camp. 8 )

Joyce Riske
email @ redacted
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