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Re: [IP] Mixing Velosolin and Humalog

> OK...we are ready to do our first V and H mix in the pump so to
> prevent site degradation which has been occurring regularly.
> If we want to have at least 140 total units in the cartridge, how
> much is H and how much is V?
> 5:1  ratio
No, it is not a ratio 5:1

it is 5 parts of H and 1 part of V. that is actually a 6/1 ratio 
since the 5+1 = 6.
> I would like to make this as easy as possible so Geneva can do it
> herself. Does it matter which insulin vial to go into first?
Yes, to get good mixing, the small volume (Velosulin) goes in first. 
Then you de-bubble the syringe then carefully add the H. no bubbles 
are allowed in the last step because you can't squirt the mix back 
into the H bottle.

180 units would be easier. Draw 30u V then 150u H for a total 
of 180. All the volumes end on a "line" or a middle

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