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Re: [IP] evening highs?

> > You may find that Geneva has a "go to sleep" insulin requirement
> > peak. This makes it difficult to set an night time basal rate as the
> > higher requirement does not come into play until she actually falls
> > asleep. If you run in to this then try setting a night time rate that
> > is at least 1 or more hours beyond the latest time she "ever" goes to
> > bed. Set the afternoon/evening rate up til that time (my daughters
> > runs til 1:00). When Geneva goes to bed, she can set a temporary
> > higher (night time) rate that will cover her until the real night
> > time rate takes over. This also is a good time to compensate for
> > dramatic changes in the day's activities like lots of sports all day
> > (which will make her low) or a screwed up dinner bolus.
> >
> michael,
> forgive my stupidity on this one...but can you rephrase that
> paragraph and cite me an example. it makes sense but I need to see a
> visual, as I am a visual person. ruth

RE: my daughter instead of yours.

Lily's insulin requirements at night are about double her daytime 
rates. The requirement does not kick in at a particular time, it 
kicks in when she goes to sleep. Therefore one can not SET a time for 
the night time basal to start.

She goes from 0.5u/hr awake to 1.1u/hr sleeping. The result if you do 
a safe basal profile is always a high after you go to sleep. To get 
around the problem you set the night time rate to start VERY late and 
cover the REAL basal requirement by setting a high temporary rate 
when you go to bed. Don't do this unless you have accurate profiles. 
They are tough to get and take several nights of checking with rest 
nights of no checking in between. You must wake her 30 min, 1hr, 2hr 
into her sleep period to see the bg change. You can't do this in one 
night, takes a minimum of three preferably with a rest night in 
between. I should be repeatable. It took us ages to pin this down.

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