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Re: [IP] transplant

In a message dated 7/31/99 7:08:40 PM Pacific Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<<   I have read about an 
 80% success rate.   >>
Just out of curiosity what happens to the 20%.  I went to Borders and checked 
out the Showdown to Diabetes.  I was dismayed that the author who went 
through a failed transplant and four months in the hospital (leaving much 
worse off then before) thought it was worth trying again.  Maybe I haven't 
gotten to the point where I think it is that bad, but to me to lose four 
months in a hospital, being away from my children and risking death, isn't 
worth it now in my life.  I found it amazing what she went through.  I 
remembered someone saying that in Steel Magnolias it doesn't happen like that 
(failed transplant) well I would rather go quickly than suffer months of 
agony for it to only fail.

I will stick with my pump it seems a better alternative right now for me.

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