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[IP] re: camp and sils, insulin knots/pump bumps

 I just prefer the sils. I started my pump a month ago and MM sent me 4
boxes of sof sets, at first I liked them, but I like the sils
better..yesterday at camp I had my swim suit on, I didn't like the 4
inch tale hanging from my site, pushing against my skin and I like the
sof serter, but I don't have enough fat to use the sof sets really.
Before I left camp I talked with a pump trainer, and told her I didn't
like the sof sets , and also asked about pump sites other than the
stomach and she agreed that at my size sof sets are not for me,
silhouettes would be much better, you can use numbing creme to put them
in too. I use the creme about half the time..I don't if I don't have
time. Right now the sil is in my behind and so comfortable! I asked
about sites today and she said I probably wouldn't want to use my hip
like some people were at camp b/c I didn't have enough fat there, but
like anybody, my behind has room, she told me where you can put it
there safely, I did and I love it there, it's out of the way nothing in
my stomach!!
 I do have a ? for pumpers out there though..I removed that sof set, it
was only in 2 days, but left a pump, not just a normal bump (red spot)
but also I can feel a real bump if I push it and it hurts. 
Also, what is an insulin knot?

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