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Re: [IP] velosulin HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

> What is site degradation?  What does it look like?


site degradation means that the insulin is no longer being absorbed
efficiently or not at all.  the tissue around the site is not accepting the
insulin like it should.  I am not sure why or how this actually occurs, I
bet Michael can tell us, right Mike?

anyway...we notice this happening on or around the 2nd or 2nd and a half day
of the site.  usually at a very inconvenient time, like MIDNIGHT!!!!     her
levels go up to the 300's and STAY there.  whatever you feel at the time, if
there are two sugars that are over 240 in a row,  ASSUME that there is a
major problem.

I don't want to wake up my daughter and redo the site, so I have to go down
to kitchen and get the syringes and humalog and give injections every couple
of hours until morning.  NO FUN>

ruth, geneva's mom

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