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[IP] back from camp

Hi Everyone!
 Well, I'm back from my camp last week...it was great, bg were ok, I
upped my basals by .2 and my boluses were extremely high, NOT 1:15, I
swear they put sugar in the food! first two days if I did 1:15 like has
worked since day 1, I went high, many girls were sky high and shots on
such, but I figured out how to manage it, and I had rather good control
for my first time away from home (and while pumping!!!!!!!!)--sorry, I
love my MM pump! I hope my rates will adjust back down soon, I did over
50 units a day at camp, and before I left I'd been doing about 25, but
at that camp, they made everyone eat 3 snacks, whether or not they had
a pump.... So, I'm looking forward to being home and NOT snacking every
2 hours! I did bigger boluses, but they worked fine. I had 2 lows the
whole week maybe, which for me (as you probably know) is great, I left
home with a low a day, and had hardly any there, and only 2 bg over
240.--1 b/c of pizza. I hope things settle down quickly back here. I
used sof-sets at camp, I hate them, and am about to change my set into
a silhouette, (in my behind for the first time..any advice is welcome!)
b/c I just prefer the sils and I really missed them!
 I'm beat, sunburned like crazy..can't even sleep on my back!
 Take care!
 Pumping since June 28, 1999

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