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[IP] Testing One, Two, Three...

Hi David-
A million thanks for the package!  And I'll have to go see if I have any glucose test solutiond.  If I do, it's probably old, but I'll check it against one of my own non-exposed strips or maybe my back up meter.  Will let you know.  

I really appreciate your efforts on my behalf.  I try to explain to others how I'd really be up the creek 'without a pump' if not for the folks on this list.  Big sloppy (diabetic) kiss to you David.

 ---- On Jul 30 "David Winegarden" <email @ redacted> wrote: 
> Good thing Dianne,
> >From: email @ redacted
> >To: "David Winegarden" <email @ redacted>
> >Subject: Eureka!
> >Date: Fri, 30 Jul 1999 14:35:31 -0400 (EDT)
> >MIME-Version: 1.0
> >From email @ redacted Fri Jul 30 11:35:32 1999
> ....
> >Hey David!
> >Well I finally found it!  Yes, it was heare all along and my mom had >even 
> >seen the delivery guy, thinking he was some surveyor or >something, as he 
> >was 'running' toward the forest behind our house!  >He was in a Ryder van, 
> >put the package in the full sun on the side >porch (which does NOT face the 
> >street or drive) and in fact faces a 4 >foot drop off into the neighbor's 
> >yard!  And no he didn't ring the >bell.
> ....
> That last bit of "didn't ring the bell" is what gets me!
> Looks like my signing the "pre-release" so you wouldn't have to
> go find them if they didn't find you on first visit was taken as
> license to "not even try" finding a person to put it into the hands of
> Guess what I'll never do again: Sign box 8!
> Now for something we all need to do occasionally, and none of us ever
> actually do: Get&use the glucose-meter's "check solutions" to evaluate
> the integrity of each vial of test-strips. Since all I sent you spent
> all that time in the sunlight's heat.
> How is your supply of OneTouch "fake blue blood" ? Remember most of
> us got one vial with our meters, and never even opened it then!
>   Oh, can you find out if mother noticed if the guy was wearing the
> FedEx uniform-shirt? Sounds like it was at such distance that the
> details could have been lost to her.
>   Post Office should have a red-white-and-blue box for you tomorrow.
> with batteries, 1 box of 50 onetouch, 2 carts, 3 tender-set.
>   I have to ask Disetronic today if they sent something out for me
> yesterday? using syringes and NPH basal is such a drag!
> David C. Winegarden
> Fremont, CA
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