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Re: [IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V3 #332

In a message dated 7/31/99 2:58:17 PM Central Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

Tut tut...I too take my spouse for granted.  I guess we should work on that.  
 <<1) I am slightly hypo-unaware.>> 

I am hypounaware also.  The pump has improved my awareness in a more subtle 
way.  For instance, I would sometimes go into a low during the night and my 
husband would have to help me out in the morning.  Now, I always wake up when 
I am low so even though I don't feel low, I know I am low if I wake up in the 
middle of the night.  I check my bg and I am usually right.  The rest of the 
day is easier because I do check for bgs alot.  We kind of have to since we 
are unaware.  I never drive without checking my bg.
Another comment people have made is that we can set our target bgs higher to 
get rid of our unawareness.  Instead of targeting 80-100, target 120-150.  If 
we do that for a couple of weeks and thereby prevent lows, our awareness will 
supposedly come back.  You might want to try that.  I haven't tried this, but 
I know others who have.

<< 2) I have heard/read that better control (A1cs avg at 6 and lower) can
 reverse any peripheral neuropathy.>> 

I can tell you from personal experience that this is TRUE.  After being on 
the pump for 2 years, my neuropathy is gone and my reflexes are back.  This 
was quite exciting for me and I celebrated by walking BAREFOOT down the 
driveway to pick up the newspaper and return to the house.  I was smiling the 
whole way.  I would say that my neuropathy was similar to yours.  I never had 
severe pain, but my feet were very sensitive.  I can't tell you about the 
drug you mentioned, but I did see some info about it on an internet site.  It 
sounded good.  Let us know how it works if you decide to use it.

 <<3)...the differences don't seem to be major. Are their important
 differences in what kind of control you achieve or in ease of use? >>

There are not important differences and they both work well.  However, I 
think you should choose the pump that you like best.  Call MM and D and ask 
for their videos.  It really is a lifestyle choice, but YOU are going to be 
wearing the thing so YOU should decide, NOT your doctor or cde.  I am glad I 
had a choice.  I picked the D pump and am very happy I did.  I swim laps so I 
like that waterproof feature.  Both pumps are good, but it irritates me when 
drs don't give their patients a choice.  
Good luck to you.  ellen
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