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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V3 #332

Dear Pumpers, 

I have a few questions and a correction/update.

First the correction, In my introduction to this list
I forgot to mention my wife, Ann. She is the Queen of Carb Counting, and
went with me to talk with the CDE about going on a pump.
I was called "rude" for not mentioning her in my intro.

> My kids, mountain biking and hiking are the fun aspects of life. Both of my
My wife, my kids.... etc.
> children (ages 8 and 4) have been screened for islet autoantibodies and
> things look good for now.

Now for the questions:

1) I am slightly hypo-unaware. I sense it most of the time, but if I am
busy, having too much fun, or under a lot of stress I miss the cues, and can
go pretty low. How much might this affect my choice to be on the pump? Does
this influence the basals?

2) I have heard/read that better control (A1cs avg at 6 and lower) can
reverse any peripheral neuropathy. I have *very* tender feet and I can't
walk outside and get the newspaper in barefeet as walking on the concrete
hurts. Also I heard that a dietary supplement called alpha-lipoic acid and
slow and maybe help reverse any peripheral neuropathy. What do you think?
Where can you buy it in capsules large enough to be effective (I think the
people in the study took large doses, 600 mg/day).

3) My insurance/CDE/doctor want me to get a minimed. I have read some of the
differences between the pumps and aside from the waterproof/resistant
issues, the differences don't seem to be major. Are their important
differences in what kind of control you achieve or in ease of use?

Thanks in advance.

Frank Kolakowski

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