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Re: [IP] setting basals...we are confused!

Ruth Schneider wrote:

> our team seemed to concur that I had way too many basals.  sometimes one
> every hour.  they told me that we should have about two or three at most.

If bgs are good when fasting, ignore the doctor.  The NP at my endo's
updates my chart with my current basal rates when I see her each quarter
but she is much more concerned with what bgs are than with what my basal 
rates are.  I I currently have 9 different rates (I am checking 5-10
after hypo problems this week so the number may change), some are just
for an hour including .9, 1.4, 1.1, .9 for 4 hours to handle dawn
phenomenon.  I have heard that a rate for a single hour is pointless but
the 1 hour
jump to 1.4 certainly made a huge difference when I finally got it high

> the endo. group told me that it is better to have an almost even  basal
> number throughout the 24 hr. period and control blood sugars with the bolus

If I had a steady basal rate I would have horrible bgs and then what is
the point of the pump. I have a different carb ratio for morning than
for the rest of the day but that started when I had great bgs in the
morning if fasting and high after eating.


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