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Re: [IP] Pre breakfast highs

For 2 weeks now I have woken up- taken my BGs and they are always 212.
Every AM.
I have tried changing my basals and giving myself a dual wave bolus.
The only thing different is I started in Neurontin and anti-siezure
I am at a total loss as to what to try next.
BTW my bgs do go down when I bolus in the daytime to 141. I know that
sounds high but am dealing with other health issues..I do not have
ketones..in mid afternnon for no apparant reason they will go too 300 once
in awhile. Since I am not able to swallow or chew properly I have to eat
soups..so am not eating any sweets or desserts. I am discouraged and at a
Any ideas as to what basals I should change? I put them all back a 1.4 
email @ redacted
PS maybe it isn't the medicince but the autoimmune disease flare I am in.

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