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[IP] What color is your pump

From: Susan     K <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] What Color is Your Pump?

To the adults out there:

Do very many of you choose the BLUE pumps for yourself --
or do you mainly leave them for the kids.  I kind of like
the blue, myself (but I am 47 years old, too).

If you don't like the blue pumps, what color do you prefer?
I think my decision is getting down to this now.

Thanks for your help.


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*  -- Susan K.  (^i^)               *
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Blue and I am 35 years old.  Blue is one of the cooler colors and it is
stated somewhere in some book that blue calms the emotions.  WE need all the
help we can get, right? <vbg>
Lori A. Willey
First Express Inc., FSP
email @ redacted
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