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Re: [IP] evening highs?

> we have the same problem and I just got aggressive with the basals
> between 8 and midnight.
> geneva's basals in the  day are from 0.2 - 0.4  and we are jumping
> up to 0.7 tonight and I am thinking she will need 0. 8 or 0.9.
> good luck..I am tired of testing every hour also during this high
> night time period.  (so is she!) ruth, mom of geneva age 10,  right
> near you in pleasanton, CA
You may find that Geneva has a "go to sleep" insulin requirement 
peak. This makes it difficult to set an night time basal rate as the 
higher requirement does not come into play until she actually falls 
asleep. If you run in to this then try setting a night time rate that 
is at least 1 or more hours beyond the latest time she "ever" goes to 
bed. Set the afternoon/evening rate up til that time (my daughters 
runs til 1:00). When Geneva goes to bed, she can set a temporary 
higher (night time) rate that will cover her until the real night 
time rate takes over. This also is a good time to compensate for 
dramatic changes in the day's activities like lots of sports all day 
(which will make her low) or a screwed up dinner bolus.

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