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[IP] Thanks and feeling great

Thanks for advice given re: BG high the day after eating ice cream.
Tried it again last night and the same thing happened...except this time
I corrected it at 3 am so my BG this am was 118. There is  a lot to
I have only been pumping for 5 weeks and am beginning to feel that I may
be able to do this...a week or two ago I was ready to toss it out. But I
have to say i am feeling GREAT! Is this what it is to feel "normal"? I
have more energy than I can remember having before...haven't had a
headache in awhile and the mood swings have evened out.(Husband was kind
enough to point that out :-))
Anyway just wanted to talk about to people who understand what I'm
talking about! Have a good day all.

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