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Re: [IP] had a really bad night.....now what

    One more thought: consider re-doing your basal fasts. My 16 year old had 
three lows in the 30s last week & did NOT feel them - first time ever! I 
concluded that she must have been having an excess of lows we were unaware 
of, since she always feels them around 50-60.
   So we did an overnight basal fast & discovered she dropped 80 points from 
10 pm to 2 am, when I ended the fast by treating the low with juice & 
crackers. Also explains why the previous day she'd gone to bed in range & 
awakened at 230 ( rebounded from an undetected low I'd guess)...
    So once again, it's back to the drawing board.....Faxing her CDE her 
bgs...By the way, the daytime portion of the basal fast was perfect- stayed 
between 90-120 from morning until evening....So the point is, when 
aberrations occur, doesn't hurt to re-check if those basals may have shifted 
for some reason. In my daughter's case, there were no variations in her 
schedule, but simply being 16 1/2 can be cause enough for hormonal changes....

Regards, Renee (melissa's pump-mom coach)
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