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[IP] Letters about Diabetes?

Does any one have any letters sent to a facility such as a school or camp 
stating that the camp must accept a child with diabetes.  In addition, are 
there any good letters to newspapers or other media regarding diabetes and 
the requirement under Americans With Disability Act to accept and accommodate 
to the needs of a child with diabetes.
I have a wealth of information from the ADA about what a camp or school must 
do.  I would like to see letters that have gotten results.
Our son's rights under the Americans With Disability Act, Title III were 
violated and I want to take action without being force to spend unlimited and 
unavailable amounts of money on a law suit.
Please sent letters to me at email @ redacted
Thanks to the list, its members and the whole team.
Good Health and Happiness,
Jeff Poritzky
type 1 for 39+ yrs dxed  11 mths old, pumping 16+yrs
father of 4 yr. old type 1 son dxed 2 yrs ago
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